2 thoughts on “View the Story

  1. Hi Shane:

    My name is Craig Stimpert and I am Director of Church Partnerships at Spread Truth Ministries. We’re excited that you have embedded The Story onto your web site. I’ve looked over your web site and it looks like you’ve got a lot of exciting things going on in your life in developing a campus ministry at Sheridian College. We pray for the very best for you and your ministry.

    I trust you visited us online when you embedded The Story onto your web site, but I would like to take a moment to share again our resources. The story can be purchased in booklet form off of our web site. This is a nice resource to leave with friends after a conversation with Jesus. We are also developing a training manual and video to equip students to share Jesus with others. We hope to have this task completed by January and perhaps that resource will be beneficial to your ministry.

    At Spread Truth, we view the Gospel as much more than a presentation, but a new way to live. It is only by preaching the Gospel to ourselves that we become effective evangelists. So, we view our resources as being not only for the unbeliever but for the believer.

    In addition to our resources, we also offer an annual mission trip to New York City. The dates of next year’s trip are July 17 – 23. We’d love to have some of your students join us next year in New York. A recap video can be viewed on our web site.

    Finally, I’d like to hear from you. Since we are just getting started promoting The Story, could you take a moment to tell us how you heard about it, what you think and any suggestions you might have for how we can improve it? We’d really appreciate your feedback.

    If there’s anything we can do to help you in your ministry, please don’t hesitate to conact me.

    Craig Stimpert
    Director of Church Partnerships
    Spread Truth Ministries

    1. Hey Craig,

      Thanks so much for Your prayer and support. I actually heard about “The Story” through Collegiate Week in Glorieta New Mexico. I went to a seminar on new resources for ministry. The presenter was Jim Whaley of H2O at Tiffin University, Ohio. I was very excited to try alot of them and I gravitated toward “The Story” because its so user friendly and a great ministerial/relational resource. I will also be in prayer about taking our students on that mission trip to New York. I haven’t had any response to the story yet, but our semester is just starting. Ill keep you posted on how its working.

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