Student Senate Meeting and other news

Over the next two weeks on Wednesdays, we are going with our President Mike Borner to the student senate meetings to be voted in as an official organization. This means that we will be able to meet on the campus and be recognized on the campus as legit. Please be in prayer that the senate sees fit to vote us in, also please pray that God give us the words to describe BCM to the senate. Also, as far as updates go………We Have more Leadership! Aaron Kugler, Carsten Wills, Megan Laffitte, and Stephanie O’Dell have joined the Team! Pray for the leadership and get to know them because they are all really awesome people! Also, we are still taking on leadership so if your interested call me! We are trying to establish our first LEGIT THURSDAY NIGHTS get together for the the 16th at (7:42pm. on the dot) come hang out have some fun and support our grand kick off.

See you on Campus!

News Note: Student Senate meeting went extremely well. We got to meet the great people on the student senate, Tyler, Justin, Quinn, and Tess. They are truly very supportive of what we are doing. We were very blessed to share with the other organization on campus exactly what we are and what we do. God gave the words and the guidance to make good relationships with other organizations such as Habitat for Humanity. Thanks for all the prayer. We found out that we can get a room on campus and next week we will have the vote. So be in prayer wedneday at 5 that the senate sees BCM as a benefit and a need on campus.

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