A little bit about me

Hey there! It’s me, your friendly neighborhood worship leader! 😀

I thought here would be a good place to start telling you a little bit about myself beings how I may know only a small fraction of the group.

Well anyways, here i am, age 17 starting off as a business major on campus, not really knowing what I’m gonna do when i get my degree….. Currently, I attend the Sheridan Wesleyan Church although I am not a Wesleyan. I strongly disagree with the whole label yourself a denomination of the “Church” when really we are all Christ followers, or at least called to be. I know for a fact that i am. My personal one on one trip with God began for me truly back two years ago at a summer camp. I remember the speaker up front walking about the stage, but I honestly can’t remember a word that he said that night. It was just one of those moments when everything in the room just stops and God put this calling on my heart to begin a worship group at my youth group for that coming year. I was left thinking that thought the rest of the night till my counselor said something to our group about not being afraid, about taking that first step with God and see where he will take you. So beging a week when i got back, I grabbed a few kids in my youth and we started practicing so that we could have worship when school started back up. Everything went so great that year until we started losing sight of the big picture, we ended up stopping all together and i ended up losing a friend in the process. So after that I just finished out school without the full out spiritual tenacity that i began with. And i went to camp again that year to get that “Church Camp Spiritual High.” That year at camp however, God had a different thing to show me, a thing called love. Now this can be for a whole other post, but I’m not talking about the Boy-Meets-Girl love, but rather the Golden-Rule-To-The-MAX love or in this case  Philia. I needed to start loving everyone around me like a brother. And that year, my senior year, I let God have control. I started treating those around me not just like other people, but I made it my goal to make them feel comfortable. Now it didn’t always happen at first, but God kept reminding me, and by the end of my senior year, God had used me to influence the lives of several kids inside my youth group. He allowed me to bring back a worship team, which was arguably the best team that that very had seen in a very long time.

Now you might simply assume that because I do music and just happen to be the worship leader, that my ministry is music, but I feel as though God has told/forced/coerced me (if you will) to not only incorporate music into my ministry, but also love through out reach. This was a problem area for me in the very beginning, but this is one of those tools that God will be helping me work on.

Shalom and I will see hopefully many of you very soon!

-Carsten Wills

Psalm 98:4 KJV “Make a joyful noise unto the LORD, all the earth: make a LOUD noise, and rejoice, and sing praise.”

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