See you at the Pole

See you at the Pole is an annual gathering of Christian students in the time before school begins to pray for the school.  It is a very important tool in showing others what we believe.  BCM is supporting See You at the Pole at the Junior High, High School, and College campuses on the 22nd of September at 7:30am.  Join in and pray with us!

Update: the event at the Junior High was a success!  We started out with 2 Junior High Students and they grew in number to atleast 20 prayer warriors for Christ holding hands around the flagpole.  In the end, we told them that it was more than just the words they prayed.  It was all about the statement they made in front of the whole school that they wanted to pray.  How wonderful to minister to and be ministered by these Junior Highers today.

From what I heard about the prayer warriors at the college, it was a wonderful time of asking God to enter the lives of those on campus in every way possible.  Once again, we are making a statement on the campus.  We will pray!

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