The Testimony of the President….

Hey guys, your President here. I thought it would be cool if we could share our testimonies here on the web site. So here goes…

Hi I’m Mike Borner. I was raised in a church going family. When I was six or seven I asked the pastor, who was Rick Montgomery, how I could become a member of the church. He told me that I had to accept Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior. He then asked me if I would like to pray with him, I declined. But later that night I asked my mom to help me pray to accept Jesus Christ into my heart. The next Sunday I (she) told Rick what I had done. He asked me a few questions to affirm my commitment. A few weeks later I was baptized. Then life went on as normal, I didn’t have any life changing epiphany. Then five or six years later, I was twelve or so, I was at a Camp Good News in the Casper mountains, held by Tim and Bonnie Hickman. It was the third or fourth day, during the evening “church” service and Jeff Browning was giving a “sermon.” I can’t remember what it was about because the only thing I herd was that non-believers go to hell. It was at that moment that I realized that the first time was a “sham” on my part. I had only prayed the prayer to become a member of the church. After Jeff was done speaking it was time to sing, and while everyone else was jumping up and down singing at the top of their lungs, I was sitting down staring at the floor, praying to Jesus to come into my life. Then life still just went on; once again no life changing epiphany. Then the summer before I started high school I went to a two week evangelism training, Christian Youth In Action (CYIA). I went to have fun, hang out with friends and meet new people; but after three or four days my life was changed. After that summer was over, it was time for school to start. Over the year I began to fall in my walk with Christ, but I was still going to Church, Youth Group, Bible Study and memorizing verses. Then the next summer hit and once again I was on a spiritual high. Then came my sophomore year in high school, and thats were my walk with Christ slowed to a snails speed. I began to use fowl language very heavily, fortunately I never ended up getting into drugs or alcohol. I still went to church but, youth group, bible study and verse memorization began to feel like a chore. Then I once again was revitalized in CYIA. Then my junior year hit and I hit another low, only not as low as my sophomore year. My mom and I stopped going to church a quarter of the way through my senior year. I wasn’t disappointed until, five or six months later, she said, “Let’s go to church again.” I was kinda bummed out, I got used to sleeping in on Sundays. The second we got into the building we felt like family, we had already know five or six of the families their and I was good friends with the pastors sons. We’ve been going there ever since and we are officially members of the church. Then after a couple months of going there I meet Shane and Becky Rosty, and let me just say that they are two of the most God-seeking and wonderful people it has ever been my pleasure to get to know.

And that’s basically where I’m at know. Oh, and a few things I forgot to mention, when I was twelve or so my parents go divorced. I used to hate my dad for leaving us, but after spending time with him, and growing up a lot, he’s become one of my best friends as well as one of the coolest dads around, in my opinion. I’m greatful for my parents divorce because I know for a hundred percent fact that had my parents stayed together I would not be in contact with the most amazing friends in the world. Just to name a few of my dearest and closest friends…Ransom Bearden, Zachariah Bearden, Molly Bearden, Zach Browning, Brad Coonis, Tyler “T” Coonis.

Sorry if it was a bit lengthy but I just couldn’t say what I needed to using fewer words, I had a hard time keeping this short.

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