Hot Chocolate and Jesus

Guys Bible Study...Tuesdays at 7:30...with Hot Chocolate!

“Friends, Children, Jesus Freaks, lend me your mugs…and I will fill them with Hot Chocolate” – John 7:37-38

Why hello there…I have an offer that you can’t resist: A bible study that is early in the morning and with a bunch of creepy people!  Oops, did I just say that out loud.  No, but seriously, we have hot chocolate so…you should totally come.


  • Male (um…yeah)
  • Mug for Hot Chocolate (We have extras!)
  • Fur Bomber Hat (just kidding, but it would be nice)
  • Bible (Kinda important, I guess)
  • Alarm Clock (to wake up before 7:30am)
  • Good Attitute (people will like you better)

There are only 3 tuesdays left in the semester: NOV 30th, DEC 7th, and DEC 14th.  3 chances to be filled with Hot Chocolate.  3 chances to be filled with knowledge of Jesus.  3 chances to hang out with cool people.  come.  Come!  COME!!!!!!

7:30am every Tuesday…meet in the lobby of South Hall…see you there.

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