Reload…….This semesters goals

Jesus is considered by scholars such as Weber ...
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Relationship– Our relationship with God through Christ is the foremost important thing in our life. Our relationship with God will effect everything else.

Leadership– Absolute humility is what should define leadership. The God of our universe humbled himself to the very point of death on the cross to serve us (who are the lowliest of the low). We are to intern, humble ourselves to the point of being a servant to those who don’t deserve it.

Discipleship–  A significant investment in a specific few. That means even if those few don’t know Christ and may never choose him. Not all of Jesus’s disciples took to his investment……Judas. And many of his disciples didnt come to faith in him until after he died and rose again. This is how Christ did it and this is how we should do it.

One thought on “Reload…….This semesters goals

  1. Hi~ My name is Jan Dill and I am the faculty sponsor for BCM here on the Sheridan campus. You can find me hanging out where all the great smiles start; I am the director of the dental hygiene program. BCM is a great place to share how Jesus makes a difference in our lives, a place where we can share our joys and needs, and just have a great time together. When you are down in our wing of the Whitney Building please feel free to stop by anytime.

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