Tough Questions Night

Tuesday, October 25th, 2011

7:42 PM Social Hall in the Founders Dorm at Sheridan College.

Do you have questions about God, the Bible, Life in general, how babies are made? (scratch that last one.)

Are there things in life that don’t make sense, or concepts you’ve heard about that don’t line up with what you believe?

Confused about Christianity?

This is your night to ask all the tough question’s in your head and your heart about the subject. We are hosting 3 local pastors to tackle your toughest questions; each pastor may have a different perspective or viewpoint, so you will get the best possible response to your inquisition.

This is a great opportunity to bring a friend or peer who has been asking about BCM or Christianity. We will also have tons of food and beverages so don’t be shy to invite people.

Please remember to be respectful of both the questions and the answers provided. Thanks and see you at 7:42 for Legit Nite’s TOUGH QUESTIONS NIGHT!

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