Summer happenings:

It is already the middle of summer, can you believe it!

We are gearing up for the fall semester already, but we don’t want summer to fly by without a few fun and meaningful moments to chill with you: the students who are back or remained in Sheridan for these sunny months between school.

So, we want to hear from you! What are you up to, what would you like to do? A Bible study here and there could be a great way to encourage each other in the Lord during break. We could also adopt a community service project around the area and make a difference for God’s glory. Pair either of those up with caving, hiking, a lake day, BBQ’s, movie nights at the Rosty’s, or an ultimate frisbee fest and you’ve got a recipe for an epic summer. So keep us posted, what are you interested in!

Glorieta is fast-approaching too! August 5-11, 2012 in New Mexico… a great time of worship, encouragement, and energizing teaching to equip you for the new school year!

If you haven’t found a church to plug into during the summer (or school year in Sheridan for that matter), below is a list of some fantastic churches that will be supportive and encouraging in your walk with God in your years as a college student.

Mountainview Fellowship

Calvary Baptist Church

Cornerstone Church

1st Baptist

The Rock

Mountain Alliance Church

Bethesda Worship Center

And lots more!

We praise God for all of these churches as encouraging partners in God’s ministry to the people of Sheridan as a community and at the college. Check them out and get involved!

Happy Summer and keep in touch!

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