Flashback Friday: Happy thanksgiving from BCM in 2011!

Thanksgiving is on its way: Here is a post from about a year ago to get the grateful-juices flowing 🙂

We are so thankful for such awesome students, SC faculty, and supporters who all make this ministry possible. Thank you Jesus for your grace on us….

“I am thankful for BCM because it brought me closer to God! And I have learned new perspectives and different outlooks on scriptures in the Bible! I have met and made new friends through BCM that make me want to be a better person. BCM is a way to keep this college close in hard times; anytime you need to talk there is someone from BCM that is always there to listen. No matter what your belief is, BCM is always there with open arms and a clear mind… They don’t judge! BCM does a great job of spreading the word of God and spreading joy and happiness throughout the college. I am grateful for the things BCM has taught me… It will be very useful as I go through life.
~Ally V.

I am glad there is a Christian group on campus that is friendly and open to anyone and desires to impact the campus for Christ.
~Heidi K.


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