Merry Christmas from BCM

Jesus has come, we now have life ABUNDANTLY!

For example….

Prepping for BCM’s “Joy for all People Project”, a Christmas caroling and gift giving night:


Each gift includes a Bible, yummy treats, and something for the home. Some gifts also included devotionals, small electronics, or even Christ centered movies.

We had a whole set of gifts just for kids!

Each item was donated by the wonderful members of several different churches in the community.

The gifts were wrapped and handled with care….

And we practiced our caroling while preparing the gifts of joy.

To “wrap up” we prayed for all the people that would be receiving the gifts on the night of caroling.

Finally the night came! We sang with glad hearts despite frost-bitten lips.

Many of the homes we visited were shocked we would come caroling to sing to them! We had a few individuals claim that this was the first Christmas gift they’d received in years. The children’s faces were all so delighted as well.


With a cup of jot cocoa in hand afterward, we all realized what a blessing it was to sing of Gods love in these neighborhoods and give gifts in Jesus name (no offense to Santa, ahem.)

We also celebrated the season with an epic white elephant gift exchange party at the college…



And all came together for the midnight premier of the hobbit.

20121219-101432.jpgGandalf’s quote of Bilbo rings true for so many students:

“I found it is the small everyday deeds of ordinary folk that keep the darkness at bay. Small acts of kindness and love.”

Finally, to kick of finals week, we had a our third annual cookie-frosting party!



We capped off the night with some swell lessons learned from The Grinch Who Stole Christmas”


As finals week comes to a long-awaited finish, we say a prayer with large hearts full of Gods love for all the “who’s” at Sheridan College. You are always in our prayers. We hope you find the true joy of Jesus this season.


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