How To: “Adopt a College Student”

Want to make a difference in a college students life? Why not participate in BCM’s Adopt a College Student program. It is a great way to meet and impact students who are hungry, for both a family environment and the Word of God. The Adopt a College Student program is a tangible way to encourage students with the inclusive love of Jesus.

fellowship with eachother

A Host Family* for BCM’s Adopt a College Student Program must meet the following requirements:

  1. Able to “host” 1-3 students.
  2. Active member of a Christian church.
  3. Recommended by their pastor.

*If you are single, we will connect you with same-gender students.

A Host family IS encouraged to:

  • Pray for the student(s)
  • Have students over for a family dinner
  • Invite them to church
  • Provide care packages or encouraging notes
  • Share what God is doing in your life
  • Invite students to fun activities in the area

A host family IS NOTexpected to:

  • Have students live or stay in their home
  • Reform students. (This is meant to be an encouraging relationship, an opportunity to share Jesus love with grace and gentleness.)
  • Keep “hosting” the same student(s) every year (unless both parties agree)
  • Use the student as a convenient labor force. (Asking them to babysitting, help with yard work, etc. is acceptable when cultivating that encouraging relationship is of first priority.)
  • Attend BCM events (though community members are always welcome).

Want to become a Host Family?

Send the following items to

  • The following application (cut and paste to a Word doc, then fill in the blanks)
  • And a recent (ish) photo of your family

After we contact your pastor for a recommendation, we will collaborate the information for students to choose their host family. Please note that up to 3 students can collaborate together to pick a host family.

BCM’s Adopt a College Student “Host Family” Application


Contact Info:


Family members and ages in the home:

Church attending:

Pastor’s Contact info:


Willing to “host” (circle one):

  • Guys
  • Ladies
  • Either/or
  • Both

Download the adopt a college student Bulletin to spread the word at your church!.

Thank you for being  a part, investing in students, and making a difference in the name of Jesus!


Want to connect with a family in Sheridan?

Come to BCM on Thursday nights, 7:42pm in South Hall, and pick out your “Host Family.” We are looking forward to the encouraging connections that will come from “Adopt a College Student.”


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