The Impact of Prayer Walking

My frequent involvement in Christian events means I get the “power-of-prayer” speech a lot. Yet so many times before I go to bed, I find myself dozing off in the middle of prayer. It goes a little like this “dear God, you are so great…thank you for your….um love…and your undeserved blessings to me….zzzz” and I’m out.

This happens all too often. But how could this happen! I mean I have sat through so many power-of-prayer speeches and I know that “everyone who asks receives” (Matthew 7:8). Still with prayers like these I found my relationship with God going downhill rapidly. So I couldn’t help but think that maybe there was a link between prayers affecting my relationship with Christ. Not until about a month ago did I realize the true power of prayer…when I went on my first prayer walk.

My original thought of prayer walking was roaming around campus alone praying out loud (like a crazy person) and asking random people if they wanted to join in. Which is exactly what we did—but it was awesome!

Starting out, I walked with an extremely fast pace, ready to be done with this so called “life-changing experience.” I wanted to run back to my dorm and just pray in comfort. But doing God’s work isn’t supposed to be comfortable, and He was calling me to be uncomfortable. We definitely got some weird looks; the people around us walked a little faster on by. But the more steps I took, the louder my voice got, and the more blessings came to mind that I had waited so long to thank God for.

That evening started with a not-so-quiet girl being very quiet, and ended with a not-so-quiet girl not being able to stop exalting God. Walking through the campus hallways praising Jesus and passing basketball stars, the weekend partiers, and the campus flirts– they all seemed like people. Everyone looked human and they all looked like Jesus. Praising God and walking down those hallways I didn’t look down, I couldn’t I had too much to say. Instead, I could only look up.

-Adaline Ostler

Please join us tonight, March 6, 2014, for an experience with prayer-walking after BCM.

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