Dinner at the Rosty’s

Looking for some home-cooking, family-style community, and encouragement in your walk with God? Join us for dinner and Bible study at the Rosty’s every Sunday night!


Here’s how Sunday’s at the Rosty’s has impacted one student:

IMG_5097Sunday nights are well spent when it involves going to dinner and Bible study and Becky & Shane Rosty’s house.  I consider this night an extension of BCM, where our directors continue to share their hearts and God’s love with college students.  It is a time of insight, encouragement, and support of one another. And of course, a time of learning even more about God and His will for our lives!

Bible study includes group participation in reading a whole book (or several chapters) from the Bible. We then spend time in discussion, meditation and prayer on the Word that has been shared. After this, we share a meal prepared by Becky that is always delicious! Whether its chili, baked potatoes or French toast, a meal by Becky is not one you should miss!! We might even have a campfire and roast marshmallows (almost a guarantee when the weather cooperates).IMG_5045

However, that is not all that Sunday nights include. These nights can also include, but are not limited to, games, movies, music, worship time, jamming time, discussion time; but above all of these is the fellowship time with other Christians! A night at the Rosty’s is never boring!

The Rosty's pup loves to be a part of the group too!
The Rosty’s pup loves to be a part of the group too!

So whether you’re looking for insight on life, good times with other Christians, or even just a really good meal on a college student budget, come over to the Rosty’s on Sunday evening!! It is a guaranteed fun time and you will not walk away hungry!

~Jessica M.


Bible Study: 5 pm

Dinner: 6 pm

Shane and Becky Rosty’s House
28 1/2 Brayton Lane
Sheridan, WY 82801
Call Becky for directions or more info: 307-259-1316

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