Welcome Spring 2018!

BCM is:

  • A recognized club of Sheridan College, of the NWCCD in Wyoming.
  • A Christian ministry guided by Directors (Shane and Becky Rosty), a faculty advisor, and a team of committed leadership students.
  • Committed to Following Jesus and Loving Others.
  • Open to Everyone (Doesn’t matter belief, denomination, or lifestyle.)
  • BCM exists all over the United States. Find one on a campus near you by clicking on “Ministry Directories” at bcmlife.net.

BCM does:

Tuesday Nights: 7:42pm in TRCC 008

  • Bible Study, Food, and Friendship.
  • This semester we are studying the book of 2nd Peter in a series we are calling “Last Farewell”

Sunday Night Dinners: 7pm

  • Family style, Home-cooked meal… your home away from home.
  • Contact Becky Rosty for address and directions: 307-259-1316

February  23rd-25th, 2018

WyoBCM State Conference

  • In beautiful camp Bethel of the Bighorns. Enjoy Quality teaching, rest, fellowship from around the state, and the serene mountain side.
  • We are bringing back the very interesting Q&A panel for another year of tough questions!

March 10th-17th, 2018

BCM Spring Break Missions; Dallas, TX

  • A low-cost ($100) trip for any student interested in making a difference across our nation.
  • Inner city Ministry teaming up with Cornerstone Baptist Church
  • Homeless ministry, reconstruction, demolition, children ministry, cloths closet, soup kitchen, and whatever surprise ministry Pastor Chris Simmons comes up with. one year it was logging………. which was awesome!

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