See You At The Pole


flag photo

On September 23rd Sheridan College BCM took part in a nationally recognized event known as See You At The Pole. Where students across the country gather around their school flag poles to pray for their campus, town, state, country and world.

“All these were continually united in prayer…”

Acts 1:14

My eyes started to swell with tears of joy as we stood hand-in-hand united as believers under the power of God. The student’s heartssyatp1 were urgent to see the Lord’s Kingdom come to earth, and for the power of God to be revealed in the lives of people on their campus, town, state, country, and ultimately the globe. Humbled to be adopted into the family of God, we stood eager to see lives transformed by the Gospel.

“We love because He first loved us.”

1 John 4:19

As we bowed our heads to the submission of the Lord, and held hands in unity. The sun began to peak over the horizon beaming light over where we stood. In this moment it was clear that the Lord, Emmanuel, was with us; and that He delights in His people, and sees pleasure in His Kingdom Laborers.



“For Yahweh takes pleasure in His people; He adores the humble with salvation.”

Psalms 149: 4


Join us tonight for BCM in Throne Rider Commons room 008 at 7:42!


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