Reflecting on Grace



Recently I have reached a whole new level of forgetfulness. I have mastered the level of forgetting my books in my room while running off to class, and forgetting my keys in the car. Although this new level has decided to bring on even more humiliation. Now when I make a phone call, in the split five to ten seconds the phone is ringing I forget who I am calling. This tends to leave in me confusion of whether I was calling this person, or whether they were calling me. Not to mention the fact that I don’t even know what I needed to communicate with this person, or who they are. Our conversations typically sound similar to this.

Me: Hello?

Them: Hello??

Me: Who is this?

Them: This is ______.

Me: Oh hi! What can I help you with?

Them: Umm. You called me.

Me: *shocked* Oh yeah……

This conversation is usually followed by an awkward pause as I try to recover from this hole that I dug myself. After much embarrassment, I can eventually move the conversation back on track to what I had originally planned to discuss. But being a creature of forgetfulness, I tend to wrestle with this concept in all areas of my life.

As a human in the process of sanctification, I will humbly admit that I tend to lose the joy and astonishment of the blood shed on the cross for my sins. It’s not that I am not thankful for the cross, or that I don’t appreciate the sacrifice. As I think about why I lose sight of the grace given to me, I have come to a conclusion that it begins with forgetfulness. I am diligent about sharing the Gospel with people around me, when I see broken hearts who are searching for the satisfaction. I can’t hold back the passion to share Christ with thirsty souls. Yet, I tend to forget that this broken heart of mine needs constant reminding. It constantly needs a reminder of the cross. It needs to remember the life of Jesus, fully man yet fully God, who humbly came to earth (John 3: 16-17). A sinless man destined to die a criminals’ death, yet it gave Him joy to die for the lives of sinners, so that they may have eternal life with His Father (Hebrews 12:2). So that we might live into the hope, joy, peace, love, and freedom that Christ has prepared for us. We constantly need to fall onto the cross in awe, and never grow dull to the reconciled relationship and freedom given to us through Jesus. To the life offered up as a sacrifice, so that we may be blessed by a King.

“Because of the joy awaiting him, he endured the cross, disregarding its shame. Now he is seated in the place of honor beside God’s throne.”

Hebrew 12:2

The life of Jesus should never be taken lightly in a way that we tend to forget to reflect on the immense amount of love and grace that always was, always is, and always will be. Forgetful hearts become jealous, they let our flesh (sinful nature) take the reigns of our heart and whisper lies of what we deserve into our mind. This lack of dependence is contrary to the will of God and the life given to us by the Spirit. In John 10:27, Jesus says that, “My sheep listen to my voice;  I know them, and they follow me.” Following is an action. According to the exact definition is, “to accept as a guide or leader, accept the authority of or give allegiance to, obey.” Depending on ourselves, our society, our friends, our family members, and our possessions only get us so far in life. The only place where we can seek true satisfaction and rest in this world is in Christ. Let us never grow dull the sacrifice made on our behalf. May we continuously be left in awe of the power of the cross and the love of our God.



“Jesus told him, “I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one can come to the Father except through me.”

John 14: 6

The song “Love of God” by Ascend the Hill brought me to the understanding of the immense power and love of our Creator. Below is a link to the song (the second verse illustrates a breathe taking picture of the unconditional love of God).


A forgetful mind who longs for more of Christ


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