5 Ways Not to Lose Jesus as Lord This Semester

Jesus as Lord

When school work piles up, deadlines creep closer, and work schedules become chaotic, it can seem like the social aspect of life gets put on the back-burner; especially our relationship with Christ. Maybe over break you were challenged to seek more of God then coming back to “life” took you off the high mountain and threw you to the bottom. Looking back up at the mountain top, the journey seems cloudy and full of discouragement and struggle. Here are five ways to help you focus on not losing Jesus as Lord in your life this semester. Reflecting over my first year in college God started these five step trends that have continued to help me on focusing on Jesus as Lord in my life.

“But seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness…”

Matthew 6:33

1. Pray 

Our God is Emmanuel. Meaning He is “with us.” The same God that an out-casted slave woman calls “El-roi,” the “God who sees me” (Gen. 16:13). He sees you and me for who we really are. So we should lean into those emotions and convictions and cry out to God.

2. Read His Word

God’s Word given to us is a precious gift that draws us closer to Him. His heart and His will for us and this world. We often want to push past the reading part of God’s Word and ask for Him to clearly spell out what He wants us to do. This mindset can lead to prayers like, ‘God if you use the snow to spell out the college you want me to transfer to, then I will know it’s your will.’ This might seem a little more on the crazy side, but early on in my faith I would be the first to claim guilty for these types of prayers. Once I got to know more of God’s will and His Word in my life then I realized who He was. Pastor of Summit Church, J.D. Greear, in His book Jesus, Continued… he states that,

“The more Scripture you know, the more illumination the Holy Spirit can give regarding his will for various situation. God has never brought to my mind a Scripture I did not already now.” (154)

If we desire more of God we should be desiring more of His Word.

3. Seek Community

We are not to walk this journey with Christ alone. God gave us the a church to walk with believers, be encouraged, sanctified, and serve for the glory of His Kingdom. BCM is a campus ministry that meets weekly to grow in Christ and with each other. We meet together for worship, a message, and fellowship every Tuesday at 7:42PM in room TRVCC 008. We invite all denominations of Christians and people from all different backgrounds, whether you have a relationship with Jesus or not we would love to meet you!

4. Get Involved in a Church

Although BCM is a place where we share a message and grow in Christ, we are not a church. If you are seeking more of God and want to keep pursuing Him; getting involved in a local church is a great way to build relationships, be encouraged, grow, and share life with other believers. BCM would love to help you get plugged in with a body of believers.

5. Do Something

If you are wanted to keep Jesus as your Lord this semester you have to do something. The Christian life is a fight. God has given you today, to do something. Meet with an old friend over coffee and share what God has been doing in your life, reach out to a student or person in the community in need of help, pray for that person that God has been putting on your heart, take some time today to ask for forgiveness from God or a specific person over a sin that has been convicting you, just do something.

Looking over these five steps they can be summed up in three actions.

Cry out…

Seek out…

Reach out…

Feel free to share how you are going to cry out, seek out, and reach out this week. We would love to know how we can be specifically praying for and walking with you through this semester.

Let us use the day God has blessed us with to seek Him and make Him known!

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